Try As You Buy - Risk Free

We know that it can sometimes be challenging to see whether or not you're purchasing the right size lounge. Or if this coffee table goes with your sofa. Or if your bed will match well with the curtains in your room.

Without the opportunity to see, touch and feel before you buy, it can often be scary to purchase online. We at Modern Boho Interiors want to make this as risk-free for you as possible! 

Whatever the reason is, we want you to feel comfortable to go with your creative instincts and bring to life your vision for your home and the ambience you are creating for your family environment. 

We are offering you a 5-day trial 100% RISK-FREE!!!

What does that mean for you?

It means that if at any stage up to 5 days after delivery. This includes weekends. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with how you feel about your purchase, reach out to us at, and we will walk you through all options that are available to you! Replacement or full refund. Whatever it is that you decide, it will cost you nothing extra. 


Our risk-free offer

  • We will arrange for your item to be picked up and shipped back to the warehouse at NO COST TO YOU!
  • If you decide you will like a replacement and part refund, the replacement will be sent to you TOTALLY FREE! 
  • We will also refund the difference of your replacement—I.e. If your item cost $500 and your replacement is valued at $450. We will refund you $50.
  • We will also process your refund (or part thereof, if you opt for a replacement) within 48 hrs of you notifying us to take us up on this offer. 
  • We will arrange everything! And keep you in the loop of progress as we go. 

The finer details

What we require from you to make this work.

  • Retain the consignment/delivery slip once you receive your product and email us a photo of this (front and back) when making contact about taking us up on this offer. This will give us an official date of delivery and will enable us to verify the start of your 5 days "Try as you buy" period. 
  • Packaging and or boxing of your product remain in good condition as this will be what we will need to pack the goods back in and return to the warehouse. 
  • The product remains in excellent condition, and any damages from delivery are photographed at the time of delivery with time and date stamped. We would hope that if there are any damages, you let us know so we can give you what you paid for. A brand new, undamaged product!
  • Just a quick reason why you would like to take us up on this offer. This will not be challenged at all! Instead, this will help us to improve either our products or services or both. 

That's it. No long list of conditions or boxes for you to jump through. Just satisfy these 4 simple items above and its all good, we can make it work.

If you there is something above that you can't satisfy, please still reach out as we will try our best to accommodate and create a win win for you!