Why I believe Modern and Bohemian interior styles fuse well and create amazing spaces.

What does a modern bohemian (boho) style even look like? I can hear you ask yourself. My answer, I am a little unsure and truth be told, I can not see a perfect, clear cut definition of what these 2 design styles truly look like on their own, let alone together. That being said maybe separating the 2 interior niches and identifying them based on their own merits first, may give us an understanding and help visualize what they could look like together.

Lets start with "Modern" interior design first. I'll take a stab at what this term could verbally look like if we were to find the definition in the dictionary.

Modern Interior, a term typically attributed to a home with clean, crisp lines, neutral colour palette, and the use of materials such as polished metals, saw cut timber, precious marble, simple furniture and elegant decorative pieces .

Sound pretty clear right? Now for the real test. Just below I have 3 images of 3 different interior styles. Modern, Contemporary and Minimalist. Each image in my opinion live up to my own definition of "Modern Interior Design." Can you pick which one is which?

What's your verdict? drum roll please......and the image identified as "modern interior design' iiiiiiss.......image 1 (top image) FYI image 2 is contemporary and the the bottom, minimalist. If I was fussy and had to pick, I would have guessed 1 as Contemporary, 2 as Minimalist and 3 as Modern. What order did you have it in?

Personally, I think they could all fall under the same umbrella. As mentioned at the start, I couldn't clearly define the 2 styles of "Modern" or "Boho" individually from their brothers or sisters which seem to overlap case and point above. In my eyes, there is no clear cut rule for defining interior design styles unless they are from the opposite ends of the spectrum like modern and boho. And I think there lies the beauty of combining the 2 together.

With modern interior design there is a certain, cleanliness, pristine and almost cautious way of living. The saying "a place for everything and everything in it's place" springs to mind where the main order of business is to keep your home nice and tidy and uphold order. On the other end of the interior design spectrum you have Boho which by definition is a nomadic, carefree and is even an unconventional way of living. 

The reason why I believe that modern/boho interiors styles fuse well and create amazing spaces is not at all for the aesthetics of this combination, although this does play wonders on the eyes and inspires the mind to dream how well other opposites can exist together in the same space. Instead, it is the amazing feeling of being in a visually pleasing surrounding, yet having the freedom to take a breath and just live.

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